I am a mom to two beautiful little girls, Camila and Victoria. And I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, Ausencio. I am Hmong and my husband is Mexican, which is where the name HmongXican comes from:

Hmong + Mexican = HmongXican. 🙂

I started this blog for two main reasons:

Reason One.

We are a mixed race household, blending 3 beautiful cultures together: Hmong, Mexican and American. Our family life is different than most households because we are constantly trying to find ways to celebrate and learn more about all the cultures in our family. I just want to take this internet space that I’ve created and share everything about our cultures and our adventures. I also love to share delicious and simple-ish recipes with you all and talk about all things motherhood. I hope my blog can help other families feel more included, not only in this internet world but in the whole world, too.

Reason Two.

To help other moms like me who want to be able to make money online and spend their days with their babies. I’m grateful for my current job but I know that life can be even better. I’ve been so inspired by so many other people who are able to make an income online so that their time becomes theirs and they get to choose when they want to work. It’s a lot of hard work, especially at the beginning but I know that if I don’t give up and keep going no matter what, I will be able to make money online and to stay home to be with my babies. Hopefully you are on the same journey and we can all make this happen together!

Please don’t forget to say Hello. 🙂

My email is kiahmongxican@gmail.com